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diesel t-shirt

Diesel, especially diesel t-shirt, is famous for making denim, and that’s probably their only expensive items. It’s only expensive relative to the average brand, and when compared to luxury brands, it’s probably the cheapest thing you can find. For example, go on SSENSE, and order items from low to high price. And, the first page of items will all be Diesel or Levi’s since SSENSE is a luxury online retailer.

Armani Exchange is nowhere the quality of Diesel, it’s simply a brand that has been downgraded like three times but still has a huge mark up because of its “Armani”. Giorgio Armani>Armani Collezioni>Emporio Armani>Armani Jeans/EA7>Armani Exchange. Yes, some of the labels are formal wear only, but it doesn’t change the fact that Armani Exchange is the lowest tier when its highest label is only considered mid-range in luxury brands. Their designs look pretty good, but in terms of quality, I can’t say much.

Diesel has that fine combination and kind of natural looking worn out wash that appeals along with comfort without compromising style. So far it ‘s all praises but even with all of that put together is not worth the money it costs.

On an average, it’s $300 or more !! So, definitely, it’s one of the best denim out there for the denim lovers but the price we pay for cannot be justified unless they use real silver or gold to stitch it. It’s pricey and not value for money at all. Below is the best diesel wardrobe design for your appeal:

Deisel Diesel T-Shirt For Successful Living

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Deisel Diesel T-Shirt For Successful Living Hoodie

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Deisel Diesel T-Shirt For Successful Living Sweatshirt

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