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starbucks t-shirt

Many people love to buy coffee from Starbucks. Not only the coffee but also the merchandise like Starbucks t-shirt. Why? When Starbucks launched, there were not very many places in the US where you could get express-based coffee like Lattes or Cappuccinos. This was a big part of Starbucks’ novelty.

Why Starbucks Is So Popular?

First, Starbucks takes pride in their own roast, which is darker than most coffee shops. In between normal roast and French (expresso) roast which results of more of the oils coming out of the bean and caramelizing but also slightly more bitter taste. A few years ago Starbucks started selling its blonde roast, which offers a more traditional flavor. Given the company size, it would be difficult to maintain top quality, even if they tried. In general, most people who know about coffee would agree Starbucks is never as good as freshly roasted premium coffee you can get at many places today.

One exception is the coffee you can find at certain Starbucks locations that use the clover brewing machine, which is pretty amazing. Blind taste tests have shown the average American prefers Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s coffee to Starbucks coffee. That’s why Starbucks t-shirt also getting popular.

Even though, some people think Starbucks coffee isn’t the best. Sometimes, they love to go to Starbucks for work in peace and to meet friends. One of the main things they love about Starbucks is that they can sit there for hours working, and no one will ask them to get out.

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