This 6 Most Popular Ringer T-Shirt is Ready to Upgrade Your Style

ringer t-shirt

A ringer T-shirt is a T-shirt in which the jersey shirt fabric is one color. But, the ribbing used for the collar and the sleeve bands are of a contrasting color, according to Wikipedia. Traditionally, the most common ringer colors were white with black ribbing. Ringers were introduced in the United States in the early 1950s and gained popularity. Especially, among youth and the rock-and-roll subculture.

Ringers grew in popularity even more as the 1970s began and remained popular throughout that decade. But in the 1980s, other fashions eclipsed the ringer T-shirt. In the early 2000s, ringer T-shirts experienced a resurgence, mostly among teens, and gained popularity in the first decade, albeit at a reduced level from their 1970s heyday.

Nowadays, ringer t-shirts became more popular. It makes your style keep simple but looking more fashionable in many ways. Same as the other t-shirts, ringer t-shirts are made from cotton fabrics because it be the best fabrics for t-shirt. So, before you buy a ringer t-shirt, you must check the fabrics. It must soft and comfortable when it used. Are you ready to upgrade your style with the high quality but affordable price? You must try this ringer t-shirt design:

1. Why Do Legend Die Instagram Respect Ringer T-Shirts Custom

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2. YOUNG Ringer T-shirts Unisex Custom

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3. I Love You More Than Kanye Love Kanye Ringer T-shirts Custom

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4. NASA Logo John F. Kennedy Space Center Ringer T-shirts Custom

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5. NASA Space Voyager Ringer T-shirts Custom

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6. Let’s Summon Demons Ringer T-shirts Halloweens Custom

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